Thursday, 27 February 2014

First post - why start a new blog?

I've been blogging for a number of years, mainly about teaching and travelling.  You can read my blog here.  Now, my circumstances have changed and I find myself living back in the UK for the first time in a decade.  I've taken on the role of main carer to my Mum who has Alzheimer's disease. 

It's not easy.  I have no previous experience of anyone living with this terrible disease.  It's a steep learning curve and I'm making lots of mistakes, but it struck me that I can't be the only one in this situation and, by writing about my experiences, I hope to connect with others and share information and advice.

It's been a difficult decision to 'go public'.  Mum has always been a very private person and, even now, as is often the way with dementia sufferers, does not accept that there is anything wrong.  She would be mortified if she thought I was discussing her or her disease with strangers.  However, I feel it's important to write about what's happening - I wish I had found more blogs written by people living with Alzheimer's when I was researching it.  Few people who read this blog will know me personally and even fewer will know my Mum.  I won't be publishing any photos of her.  Everything I write will be about the disease and will not be intended as a criticism of my Mum as a person.  It will be more about self-reflection - questioning how best to help Mum and how to avoid the pitfalls I keep falling into.

I hope, through this blog, to 'meet' fellow carers and to learn how to live with dementia.  Please feel free to comment on anything that I write.


  1. Dear Andrea
    My husband and I both wish you strength and patience to get through this difficult period. You, your Mum, and Mark are in our thoughts.

    1. Thanks, Kristina!! It means a lot to know that I have the support of friends all around the world!